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Dharma is live.

Start saving as little as $5 today.

After two months in Beta, we’re excited to announce that Dharma is live and open to the publicOver $1.5m of user deposits are accumulating up to 7.4% APR interest in Dharma Accounts — now you can join them.

We believe Dharma will be the product that introduces DeFi — and crypto more broadly — to millions of new users not as a vehicle for speculation, but as a vehicle for stable, international savings. This is the product you can use to introduce your friends and family to DeFi — and we’re just getting started.

Give the product a try today! You can deposit any amount, even $1.

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Save in US Dollars, Anywhere

Easy, Seamless, and Simple

Grow Your Money With Non-Custodial Confidence

This is only the beginning — we have so much more to show you soon™.

What are you waiting for? Give the product a try today.

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